What's Your Why? - #WednesdayWisdom

A friend of mine once shared a quote with me:

“When the why is big enough, the how is much easier.”

Success is not really defined by the material things that we have, but by the impact we have on our goals. When we work hard to provide for our families, sacrifice ourselves to help a greater cause, or make the hard decisions to give up something for a bigger vision, we know that our “why” is bigger than our “how.”

Many of you work long hours, deal with crazy stressors, and have had to make tough decisions to fulfill your “why”. You made a choice that no matter what comes, you’re “why” is big enough to keep truckin’.

When you set your goals, be sure that you have a much larger reason to reach them that extend beyond yourself and personal gain. When you don’t, you could easily burn out, become frustrated, and give up.

Have you set your goals? If not, do it now! How do you do it? Start right where you are, search your heart, and use what you have. Put your heart into it and dive right in! There is no better time than now. Not to sound cliché, but you truly have a great purpose to fulfill, so go fulfill it!

What’s your why? Comment, like, and share your “Why”!


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