#MondayMotivation: A Few Small Steps

There’s so much to do! Trying to balance the long hours, family, finances, and so many other things can be hard. When you have a goal, you want to go after it, but sometimes accomplishing it can be hard because of the many things you have to balance on a daily basis. The next thing you know, you’re home life is hurting, you’re starting to live check to check, and your health is suffering.

So you work extra hard to try to fix and accomplish everything at once, only to barely make it any further.

Taking small steps toward your goals however can make things much easier. It’s like playing with dominos. You must see the big domino at the end, but all you have to do is knock down the first small one. Another way of thinking about it is with your truck. You might start off slow, but once you get going you will have momentum. If something gets in the way, your momentum keeps pushing you through that obstacle. Small steps create momentum that allows you to reach and accomplish your goals. As you hit the smaller targets, you’ll also notice that it isn’t as stressful!

Sometimes there’s so much that you have to balance, but a few small steps can really help you maintain peace in your day. Want to improve your relationship back home? A small step is a single call, and maybe a text each day. Maybe you want to save more money. Start taking 10% from each of your checks and throwing it into a savings account that you can’t readily get to. Don’t make it easy to take the money from the account! 10% of $100 is only $10. If you do 5 jobs a week at $100 each, you’ll save $50 a week, or $2,600 a year. Now consider that many of you make much more than that, and you’ll see how fast you can save up!

How well we do is based upon how intentional we are. When we are intentional about what we want, we’re driven to accomplish things.

And the TIME IS NOW! Don’t wait to make it happen, start readjusting now. Whether you want to improve your truck, your sleep, your relationships, your finances, or yourself, start doing it TODAY!

Don’t try to do it all at once, take a few small steps. You can accomplish your goals and over time have a BIG life!


FCS wants to help you live a BIG life with fast, fair, and flexible truck factoring and financing. There is no better time than NOW! Contact us today!

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