Platoon: Autonomous Driving in the Next Four Years

Self-driving vehicles was something you’d think would only come when the Jetson-era actually came to be a reality. We may not have any families with that name flying around in space crafts, but we definitely have some of the technology that we would envision they’d have. One of those technologies, self-driving vehicles, is now being tested in vehicles around the world. Tesla, the electric car giant, has been experimenting with it along with many other big name-brands.


This has trickled its way into the trucking industry as well. Companies like Mercedes and Volvo are currently testing automated driving systems called “platoons”. These trucks will have automated steering and braking systems. In fact, these trucks are so sophisticated that they will link up with one another while on the road. This means that they will literally line up within a certain distance of one another to reduce drag and increase efficiency. IF the truck in front senses danger, it will alert the other trucks and either apply emergency brakes or instruct the driver to change lanes.

Now that’s some tech.

Of course this stuff has to not only continue going through testing, but has to be legalized and all of that great stuff. These companies predict that this technology could be on the roads by 2020. That’s only four years away. Before long, the trucks will be able to drive themselves without a driver at all……

What are your thoughts on this new tech? Do you think that it will help, or hurt the trucking industry? Gives us your feedback! Share and Like this post so that we can hear from more people.

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