A New FCS: Service Beyond Factoring

Financial Carrier Services has been dedicated to helping truckers stay on the road since 2011 through reliable freight factoring. As we continued to grow, we’ve expanded to offering so many other features as well, including truck financing and our Trucking Tribune brand that encompasses blogging and entertaining social media posts. This year, we took things to the next level. Upon hiring a new Director of Marketing, FCS began a full re-brand which included a fresh logo, bolder colors, healthier brand language, improved email blasts, and a brand new website.

The new Financial Carrier Services website has better functionality, making it easier to navigate. New features such as a customer chat function and document upload sections have been added, all in an effort to make your job easier than ever. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the FCS Team with Sales and Marketing, we now have a dynamic marketing and social media strategy in place. This helps us to better serve you by providing up to date information, news, and tips. Blog tips such as #MentalMonday’s and #WednesdayWisdom help truckers stay sane on the road and better manage their companies.

From there, or factoring company has continued to work on ways to best provide you, the driver, with a better customer service experience. That’s why we now offer a new service,

Express Load Management

This service is offered to clients who do not have time to worry about managing invoices, billing, or even collecting. Unlike factoring, this service has a low flat fee so there’s no guess work in figuring out the cost to you. It’s another step in our one-stop-shop initiative, providing more than just freight factoring services.

Financial Carrier Services is always looking for ways to improve what we do so that we can always provide superior service to our customers. If you’ve found yourself waiting weeks, or even months, for an invoice to be paid, and need the funds to grow your business, pay employee salaries, or buy new trucks for your fleet, our team can help. We have experience in both financing and trucking, so we have knowledge and experience in both industries that we use to increase our value.

If you’re looking for factoring companies to work with your business, we’re more than happy to talk about what we can do for you, and how we can do it. Get in touch with us today!


For more information on any of our services,

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