What Are You Looking Forward to in 2017? Bet it's not new rules!

2016 brought some stuff that we only thought we’d see in the future to our right-now reality. The biggest innovation was that of the self-driving truck. We’ve had a couple of posts here at FCS about the positives and negatives of such new technology, especially on those who are drivers. We also say the drones being used by Amazon to deliver packages. Some pretty crazy, futuristic stuff, right?!

2017 is sure to bring us more innovations and the refinement of the ones we saw in 2016 as companies race to the finish line of “the next best thing”. That said, there are also some rules that we think everyone in our industry (and even those who aren’t) should be watching. TruckingInfo.com editor David Cullen lists seven rules that we need to keep an eye on as 2017 comes in, and the government makes some shifts in leadership:

  1. Hours of Service

  2. Electronic Logging Devices

  3. GHG Phase 2

  4. Meal/Rest Break Exemptions

  5. Sanitary Food Transportation

  6. Compliance Safety Accountability

  7. Speed Limiters

Looks pretty interesting, right? One thing is for sure, as up and down as 2016 has been for many people, we can only hope to have a much more stable year in 2017. What are some things you’re hoping to see in the coming year?

You can read more about the Seven Rules that we should watch by clicking here.


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