Celebrating Women In Trucking on International Women's Day

When some of us think of trucking, tractor trailers, 18 -Wheelers the 1st thought come to mind is a man in a semi driving. In this Trucking industry you automatically think of a man not a woman. There are a quite a few women out here that are doing the same, if not more but aren't being recognized. Women take up some percentage from driving the semi to a management position. Let's face it fellas, you guys can't live without ladies being on board!

The Women in Trucking Association reports that women still make up only about 7% of the driving population and about 14% of the management population. Women in Trucking Association mention about Fleet management provider Omnitracs analyzed 2016 data and reports the following ways that female drivers outperform their male counterparts:

  • Lower accident ratio

  • Longer tenure (notable in an industry that suffers a 96% turnover rate)

  • Travels more overall miles per year (52,682 vs 50,344)

  • Consistently travels more miles per month

-->J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. has 18.2% women serving on their board of directors. And this company has created a program called “Growing and Retaining Outstanding Women” in hopes of increasing the presence of women in C-level positions. These efforts are reflected in their 20% representation of women holding executive positions at the carrier.

-->Celadon holds the third highest level of women as directors with 20%. And females hold 14.3% of the executive positions.

Keep up the good work Women ! Thank you for all of your hard work, you are very strong , smart and needed.

FCS is proud to be a part of the International Women In Trucking Day and would like to remind you that we provide financing, warranties and factoring to both large and small operations. Contact us today ladies and we will see you on the road!

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