Are You Prepared For Winter?

Soon the mountain passes will be neck deep in snow and those of us who drive the mountain routes are going to enter into what can be the most stressful time of year for a trucker—chaining up in sub zero temperatures, the crazy drivers who can't grasp the concept of ice and the general miserable conditions of winter. As drivers, we get to see some of the best of this country and depending on which part you are driving in, the scenery change can be dramatic. It can be 85 in Austin one day and by the time you get to Minneapolis it could be so cold you can barely turn your truck off for fear of the filters gelling up. But most of us who have been on the road for a while have this industry down. This country is ours and we are the ones who see it for what it is. Most of us take being prepared to the extreme and due to the nature of the job are almost completely self sufficient. That is not always the case when we are talking financials however, and many of us need to rely on an organization like Financial Carrier Services.

The Spare Tire

Think of Financial Carrier Services like a spare tire for your wallet. Many times the spare tire just sits there, unused and partially forgotten, it is not something that you generally think about when you stop for fuel. But when you have a flat at 2 A.M. on a Sunday at the top of Raton Pass you darn sure don't want to be wondering where your spare is. This is what separates the prepared from the unprepared. Are you the kind of driver that tosses his chains into the box each time, only to spend an extra hour untangling a ball of chains next time you need them. Of course not, you are prepared and you take the time to make sure your chains are in order for fast deployment. Your truck is organized and your paperwork is in order and no matter what you are hauling you are the fastest getting through the port, you keep the wheels turning and the meter running.

We Have Your Back

Remember that time you were really hungry and a few hours from anything? Well think of Financial Carrier Services like that bag of Cheetos you found in the sleeper, we have your back for those unexpected emergencies. Of course we are also one of the most simple freight factoring companies in the country and we can assist with financing for trucks of trailers. Being prepared financially is as easy as setting up an account with us and checking out our extensive trucking specific financial offerings. So while getting prepared for winter is up to you, Financial Carrier Services can help you be prepared for anything else that may be a setback. So submit your application today and become a part of the Financial Carrier Services family!

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