Pi Day

berry pie with pi symbol cut out

When pie comes to mind, you’re probably thinking about your mother or grandmother’s warm pastry dough. You know she put her heart and soul into it, and it tastes so good!

berry pie and sweet potato pie

March 14 is Pi Day, and some might ask, how do we celebrate it? Pi Day is the celebration of the mathematical constant, Pi, and of course, pie! If there is anything we remember from school, it’s Pi, also known as 3.14.

Are you wondering why March 14, and who came up with this? This genius idea came from Physicist Larry Shaw in 1988, as a pun referencing the first three digits of π Pi (3.14).

Some may ask, what’s the big deal about Pi? Pi is very important to mathematics because of its relationship to the circle; it is a constant representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

If math isn’t your thing, don’t worry, plenty of restaurants around the globe will offer discounts in honor of Pi day. Make sure to check with participating locations, as supplies could be limited.

Go out and enjoy a pie or two today!

Margherita Pizza

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